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How we started


My name is Kandy, My Husband Martin and I raised 4 daughters and now have 6 beautiful grandchildren.  

Mad Batters started as more of a hobby than anything. I’ve always been crafty and into design. As a mom of 4 daughters, DYI was my middle name. It didn’t matter if it was clothing, home improvement, interior design or cupcakes I had to figure out a way to create what I was seeing in a magazine or on TV with a broken shoestring budget. 

The first fondant decorations I made were for cupcakes for my granddaughter’s 5th birthday party. They were little bears. I made 36 and they took me over 6 hours but I was hooked. I started doing them as a hobby for dance recitals and friends. When people I didn’t know started calling me I thought maybe I should take a giant leap of faith.

So I rented space at local bread bakery (now Reality Kitchen) and started developing my recipes and playing with fondant. We started with just cupcakes. But have expanded to include cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, scones, cake shots, pies and the scariest of all cakes!

I really enjoy working with fondant but more than that I don’t want it to just look good, I want them to be special. I am constantly playing with my recipes and trying new things.

I also want people to feel good about what they buy from me so you won’t find shortening in my butter cream, no way, and my fruit butter creams are made with real fruit.  Everything is scratch made with real ingredients.  I love food, real food and if I’m going to eat a treat I don’t want it made with anything I wouldn’t put in my own body, so I have passed that on to you!

I also have a lot of experience working with food allergies, having daughters who can’t tolerate gluten has helped me develop a  pretty darn good gluten free flour. I have an understanding of cross contamination and will work hard to prevent this. I do work in a glutinous environment so someone with a severe gluten intolerance may have to pass on our product.

Mad Batters is a labor of love for me and I hope you get that feeling from your first look to your final bite.

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